Add New Technologies to Your Current Vehicle

Are you impressed with the technology available in the newest vehicle models but not in the market to buy one? Almost any vehicle can be equipped with the latest technology available in today’s cars.  

Here are the key technologies available that an MECP technician can add to your vehicle: 

  • Safety and Eliminating Driver Distraction: Stay alert with Bluetooth voice activation. and remain in your lane with products that detect driving lanes and keep you within the speed limit.

  • Back-up/Maneuvering Enhancement: Install cameras or sensors that show the area around you or alert you if a bumper or fender is getting close to your vehicle.  

  • Smartphone Integration and Entertainment: Operate your smartphone safely in the car and enjoy its internet-connected features with technology that lets you view and interact with drive-safe apps from the car radio.

  • Vehicle Security and Remote Starting: Get into a toasty car on a cold day or a refreshingly cool car on a summer scorcher. Key fob remote controls let you safely and securely start your car from up to a half-mile away. You can also use a smartphone app to remote-start your car, lock and unlock the doors, and get status updates on its location and condition from anywhere in the world.

  • Audio/Video Enhancement: Get better sound and entertainment options with high-quality aftermarket equipment.

  • Preventive Maintenance: Make a direct connection with your vehicle to catch maintenance issues before they become a problem.

  • Driver Visual Event Capture: In-vehicle DVR/camera technology can capture everything from traffic accidents to driving sights, scenes and events.

Talk to your installation professional about whether they are MECP certified and what your options are for installing some of these new technologies in your current vehicle.