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Prepare for Your MECP Exam

Whether you are new to the Mobile Electronics Certified Professional (MECP) program or looking to advance your career by leveling up, MECP study guides and practice tests will help you prepare for the exam.


Our materials are efficient, targeted and strategic so you can make the most of every minute you spend prepping.

  •  MECP Study Guides
    The MECP Study Guides are the best way to begin your path to certification. These learning tools are targeted to effective study toward each certification.

  • MECP Practice Tests
    MECP offers online practice tests to help students and installation technicians prepare to become MECP certified at their target level. Please note that practice tests are nonrefundable.
    • Master: $25
    • Advanced: $20
    • Basic: $15
    • Mobile Product Specialist: $15

Take an MECP Exam

MECP testing can occur in one of two ways:

  1. At a Prometric test center using a pre-scheduled online appointment;
  2. Or testing with an approved MECP proctor that you schedule directly with the proctor.

Employment verification (PDF) and job experience will be verified upon registration for an Advanced or Master exam. 

Proctor Approval Guidelines (PDF) - Proctors must meet all requirements of this document and are then subject to approval by MECP staff.

MECP provides appropriate and reasonable testing accommodations for candidates with a documented professional diagnosis at no additional cost under the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). If you wish to take MECP tests with testing accommodations, you must submit your request and wait until your testing accommodations are approved before you register and schedule an appointment. Learn more about requesting this accommodation. >

MECP Exam Prices:

  • Basic Installation Technician Exam – $85
  • Advanced Installation Technician Exam – $105
  • Master Installation Technician Exam – $125
  • Mobile Product Specialist (MPS) Exam – $85

After the MECP Exam

  • Results

    You will know right away whether you passed, as well as your scores in each section. Electronic records from your exam automatically transfer into the MECP database within a few business days. Afterward, you can access your certification profile in the MECP database at any time. Once you pass the exam, you will receive your certificate by mail within 30 days.
    Fill out a request form to order a duplicate certificate or additional patches.

  • Connect with Your Peers
    Join the Mobile Electronics Certified Professionals’ Facebook group to share industry news and photos of installation projects and to connect with other certified professionals and product specialists working in the aftermarket electronics industry. This group is open only to MECP-certified professionals.
  • Leveling Up

    Jumping up to the next level of MECP certification is a great way to show others in the industry that you're serious about your career and the quality of your work. Whether you're a Basic Installation Technician at the end of your two-year stint or an advanced- or master-level technician coming up on the four-year mark, leveling up is a great way to further your knowledge base. Learn more about leveling up by joining the MECP Facebook group.

  • Highest-Level Achievement
    Those who earn three or more recertifications at the master level, or who are master level certified and have contributed to helping shape the program and its materials and exams may be eligible for Honorary Master Installation Technician Status, the highest level of achievement. View this document to view the requirements.