About MECP Certification

What Is the MECP Certification?

The Mobile Electronics Certified Professional (MECP) program is the only nationally recognized credential that certifies mobile technology installation technicians and sales people on automotive information technology, entertainment, navigation, safety and security systems. MECP is owned and operated by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)™.

Levels of Certification

There are three levels of certification — basic, advanced and master — each based on a technician’s experience in the industry and knowledge about the complex elements of the job. There is also a certification specific to sales professionals called the Mobile Product Specialist Certification. Learn more about how and where you can take the certification exams. > 

NOTE: Employment verification (PDF) and job experience will be verified upon registration for an Advanced or Master exam. 


Exam Contents

Each certification level has a different exam with multiple sections. All MECP exams require a passing score of 70 percent or greater in each section of the exam to successfully pass the whole exam. Learn more about the full breakdown of the exam contents and the requirements to pass each section. 

MECP Technician of the Year Award

The MECP Technician of the Year award recognizes experienced technicians who are role models within the MECP Program. Learn more about the award.

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