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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What does MECP mean?
A: The Mobile Electronics Certified Professional (MECP) program has certified over 20,000 industry professionals in mobile electronics installation and is owned and managed by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)™. This is the industry’s only credential for professionals in the aftermarket car electronics sector.

Q: Why would someone get MECP certified?
A: An MECP Certification prepares you to master today’s complex vehicle electrical systems providing you the tools to solve complex problems on the job. Make an investment in your career and prove to your employer that you can identify real-world solutions to real-world problems.  The highest levels of MECP certification challenge even the most experienced professionals in the business to stay on top of their game.

Q: Is being MECP certified a guarantee of success?
A: Certification at the higher levels typically indicates a greater commitment to the career path. Although there are no guarantees, in many cases, MECP Certified Installers earn a higher wage, and are more likely to be hired than those who are not certified.  

Q: How do I study for an MECP exam?
A: First you need to determine which level of certification is most appropriate for you by reviewing the MECP General Job Descriptions on the downloads page. Then purchase the appropriate MECP study guide to hone in on the concepts that will be on the exam.  Visit the links page for additional educational resources. You can also take an MECP practice exam.

Q: What are the levels of certification MECP offers?
A: There are three technician levels and one level for sales professionals offered by the MECP program:
  • Basic Installation Technician - the industry's "apprentice level" certification. Includes basic electronics including Ohm's Law, series and parallel circuits, shop safety and the basics of important technology installation including autosound, security, navigation, and wireless communications. The certification demonstrates a candidate's ability to understand the fundamentals required on the job and is valid for two years.
  • Advanced Installation Technician - This level requires a minimum of one year of experience working professionally in the field. Applicable to technicians who have both a foundational knowledge and on-the-job experience. This certification covers a greater depth of electronics and vehicle electrical systems, installation knowledge and technique, mobile audio and video systems, security and remote starters, in vehicle information systems, and troubleshooting installations of all disciplines. Certification is valid for four years.
  • Master Installation Technician –Geared toward the electrical and troubleshooting side of the discipline, the exam focuses on  Master-level troubleshooting, audio, electronic components, OEM audio and video integration, security/remote start, wireless communications with modern technologies, and vehicle electrical systems. This certification requires a current Advanced Installation Technician Certification and three years of on-the-job experience to take the exam and is valid for four years.
  • Mobile Product Specialist –Specifically designed for sales professionals in the industry, to help understand clients’ needs, and ultimately sell more products. The exam focuses on understanding system design, basic electrical concepts, and technologies in audio, video, security, remote starters, and navigation sectors. Certification is valid for four years.
Visit Exam Section for information about exam pricing.

Q: How do I take the MECP exam?
A: MECP exams can be taken at over 500 Prometric testing centers across North America or at approved proctor test sites. Results are instantaneous and participants receive a passing grade will receive their certificates by mail in 2-3 weeks.
Q: Where can I locate a Prometric test center in my State or Province?
A: Participants can link to the testing centers from by visiting the Exams page and then choosing "Register for This Exam or Locate a Test Site".

Q: What if I do not live or work near a Prometric test center location?
A: There are several options for alternatives to a Prometric test site to take an MECP exam. Please review the “How and Where to Take MECP Exams” document at the exams page or downloads page.
MECP exams can also be taken at any one of the MECP-approved industry schools. There are also a number of community colleges throughout the United States that offer courses in mobile and/or automotive electronics that proctor MECP exams. Many of these schools are listed on the links page.
MECP exams can also be delivered by approved industry proctors. Visit the proctor listing on the downloads page for more information.
In all non-Prometric test center cases, the participant must contact the school or proctor directly to request and schedule an appointment for MECP testing.

Q: How do I reset my Prometric "Candidate Profile" password?
A: If you've previously setup a Candidate Profile before registering for an MECP exam taken at a Prometric test site, visit

Q: Who pays for the MECP exam?
A: Because the certification belongs to the individual, most candidates pay for their own exams. However, many employers offer to reimburse for testing fees once a passing score is received on the exam.  Policies vary by employer.

Q: Can I take the MECP exam on my own computer at home, unsupervised?
A: No. The MECP testing process requires an authorized proctor to supervise testing for all test participants. This ensures that everyone has both met the requirements of testing and that the test conditions are the same for all individuals. Every MECP exam is done in a supervised location with only approved proctors.

Q: Are you allowed to use your MECP study guide during the exam?
A: No. Study guides and notes are not permitted during the exam.

Q: Are you allowed to use a calculator during the MECP exam?
A:  You are not allowed to bring in your own calculator at any time on any exam. This includes calculator apps in mobile phones, tablets and PDA devices.
You are allowed to use a calculator on MECP Advanced and Master exams and one is provided ‘on screen’ during your testing session for those exams. You need not bring one to the test session.
At the testing site, all participants are provided scratch paper or a dry-erase board to write down formulas, math problems or diagrams as necessary to help with their testing session. These items are returned to the test site administrator or proctor upon departure from the test site.

Q: What happens after the MECP exam is complete?
A: Once you have completed the MECP exam, you will receive immediate pass/fail results. These results should be printed for your records.  Please make sure you either print the results page or write down you registration number, testing date and site number, as this information will be necessary if there are any questions about your exam session. If you’ve passed, you will receive your certificate by mail within 30 days.

Q: What if someone does not pass their exam?
A: A score of at least 70 percent in each section is required for a passing mark on any of the MECP exams. If a test participant does not pass the exam, he or she can schedule an appointment and test again as soon as the next day, except for Master exams where you are required to wait at least one week. If the individual fails only one section of the exam, the entire exam must still be taken again. The participant must pay for the full price of the exam on each re-testing attempt if the individual does not pass.

Q: If I become certified, when will it expire?
A: The Basic Installation Technician Certification expires after two years. The Mobile Product Specialist, Advanced Installation Technician, and Master Installation Technician Certifications expire after four years. Installation technicians will be contacted via email before their certification expires.

Q: When can I expect my certificate?
A: Provided all of your contact information and mailing address is accurate, you will receive your certificate by mail within 30 days of completing your exam. Be sure to update your contact information – including your mailing and email address in your MECP database profile to help ensure you receive your certificate and can be contacted by MECP.

Q: Why are certificates sometimes delayed?
A:  You may experience a delay if you have not satisfied a prerequisite required for your certificate. For example, if you took and passed an Advanced Installation Technician Exam, but did not satisfy the one-year experience prerequisite, you may not receive the certificate until the prerequisite of experience is validated. Certificates can also be delayed if you do not maintain an up-to-date MECP database profile.

Q: Can I get a duplicate certificate?
A: Yes. Duplicate certificates are available for active certifications. Certificates will not be issued for expired certifications. To receive a copy of your certificate, please call MECP Customer Service at (866) 858-1555 or You will need to provide your certificate number.

Q: Can I take an MECP exam if I am on active duty in the US Military?
A: Yes. MECP has a special proctoring program using an on-base representative in place for men and women in the US Military on active duty outside the United States.

Military test participants must contact the education center on their base or in their service area to locate a "test proctor." The education centers on military bases have the capacity to accommodate many distance learning scenarios, one of which is an MECP exam. Ask if they could proctor an Internet-based exam for you. If they agree, please have the contact person who will be supervising the exam contact MECP directly at with notice that they are a military proctor and will proctor your exam. They MUST have a military e-mail address. MECP cannot accept personal e-mail accounts because of the inability to verify credentials. MECP will e-mail or fax the proctor the registration information. They will be given proctoring instructions and authorizations. The MECP exam fees can be paid via computer with a valid credit card, just as if you are testing in the US.

Q: How can I access or update my certification profile in the MECP database?
A: You can create and access your certification profile anytime by logging into the  MECP database.  Please ensure your mailing and email addresses on file are accurate. MECP recommends using a personal email address in the event you change employers and no longer have access to an employer-supplied email address.
Q: How do I receive the MECP e-newsletter?
A: Send an e-mail to requesting to be added to the newsletter list.

Q: How do I share a career success story with MECP?
A: Send an e-mail to with your story about how becoming certified has helped you in your career. MECP regularly uses feedback from certified installation technicians and sales professionals in trade publications such as Mobile Electronics Magazine, CE Outlook, 12 Volt News, and CTA's market research materials. 

Individuals can send general e-mail inquiries to and they will get routed to the appropriate person or department.

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